The Unexpected

File this under Not quite the appropriate answer.

A friend and I were on our way to a minor league hockey game. It was raining and generally unpleasant outside. As we neared the arena, we were walking quickly to the box office. We managed to dodge the scalpers on the corner. My friends only comment is that they seemed unusually aggressive today, considering that scalping is banned near the building.

We'd just queued in a short line to get tickets and were approximately 3 feet away from the box office windows. My eyes flick up towards the sign on the wall that says scalping isn't allowed within 500 feet of the building.

Out of nowhere, this dude wedges himself in front of us and asks, "Do you need some tickets?" and shows us his illicit merchandise.

My answer, "No. We're covered." Although we were clearly standing in line to buy tickets. I'm still puzzled by how I was supposed to respond to his question. The only alternative I could think of was "Yes. That's why we're at the box office." I fear that would've only encouraged further conversation.


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