Mouth Open = Not Good

It was a gorgeous sunny day, the first in many weeks. A friend and I were nearing the Polar Bear inclosure at the free zoo. This is the type of zoo where I have a hard time describing any of the animals without using the word "institutionalized".

I had been explaining the OCD behavior of the bears to him the entire way to the zoo. There's this very specific head bob and back flip one of them does in the pool. I was shocked and horrified to find the pool empty when I looked through the fence at the concrete jungle the Polar Bears inhabit.

Me: I wonder why there isn't any water in the polar bear's pool? I guess it has been cold recently.
Him: Cold? For the polar bear?

This is the point I could've saved myself and explained that I meant to say the water would freeze and the polar bear would've been back flipping on ice. However face-saving that might've been, I was not thinking that and did not come up with that until much much later.

Me: Yeah. It snowed last week.
Him: It's a polar bear.


Anonymous Keacher said...

Ah, the Como Zoo. I always felt sorry for the animals there; so little space.

9:54 PM  
Blogger ella said...

I find the Como pretty sad, too. But the gardens are beautiful.

8:13 PM  

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